Banksy's Girl with Balloon Red Balloon
Banksy's Girl with Balloon Girl


Banksy Official


This is Banksy's personal site. He occasionally updates it. The main purpose of this site to have a gallery to show some of his works, a way to get in contact with the Banksy team, a warning for shows that are not sponsored by Banksy, and a link to the Walled Off Hotel.


This is Banksy's personal Instagram. He updates it more frequently than his personal site, but he uses it mainly to post any new works of his.

Banksy Unofficial


This is a website that we used for a majority of the installations markup and timelines. Rikard Anderson is the creator of the site.



This website contributed the most to our markup of Banksy prints.



Because Banksy has such a large collection of graffiti works, we used this website as a starter to help find works of his to markup.


For each individual gallery page, there is a link under the picture titled 'credit'. This will take you to the site where we found the information for that work.

On our site, we made it easy to reach Banksy's pages without combing through the pages of this site. On the left side of the page, in the margin, the red balloon links to Banksy's main site. On the right side of the page, in the margin, the girl links to Banksy's personal Instagram.

The Code

If you would like to look at our code for this project, we have the entire process catalogued on GitHub! We have placed a handy link in our footer SSI, as well as a link to each of the team member's own GitHub accounts! We hope you enjoy this as much as we did making it!

"The only purpose of this blog is to spread some light on Banksy’s enormous production." - Rikard Anderson

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