Banksy's Girl with Balloon Red Balloon
Banksy's Girl with Balloon Girl

Our main source of information for this timeline, until we add our own tag dates, is Banksy Unofficial: Some Sort Of Banksy Retrospective. Each spot on the timeline takes you to the corresponding article.

Year Graffiti Print Misc
1997 1 0 0
1997 0 0 1
1999 1 0 0
2000 0 0 1
2001 1 1 3
2002 3 1 4
2003 3 10 5
2004 4 11 4
2005 7 4 5
2006 5 4 3
2007 9 2 3
2008 13 1 3
2009 4 2 1
2010 11 1 3
2011 11 0 1
2012 5 1 0
2013 6 0 1
2014 4 1 0
2015 4 0 1
2016 1 0 0
2017 0 1 1
2018 8 0 0
Banksy Works Timeline 1997 Lenin Punk 1998 Easton Exhibition 1999 The Mild Mild West 2000 Severnshed 2001 Twin Towers Love Is In The Air (CCCP) Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall Easton Cowboys Rivington Street 2002 Choose Your Weapon Girl with Balloon Laugh Now Laugh Now Existencilism (Book) Existencilism (Exhibit) Peace Is Though Santa's Ghetto 02 2003 Bomb Hugger Ice Cream Bomb Thekla Bomb Hugger Bomb Middle England Flying Copper Golf Sale HMV Happy Choppers Love Is In The Air Monkey Queen Queen Victoria Turf War May Day Santa's Ghetto 03 Semipermanent Tate Britain Prank Turf War 2004 Because I'm Worthless Keep your Coins, I want Change Napalm Girl Photo Opportunity Barcode Because I'm Worthless Christ with Shopping Bags Di Faced Tenners Gangsta Rat Get Out While You Can Girl With Balloon I Fought The Law Love Rat Napalm Pulp Fiction Cut It Out London Museum Prank Louvre Museum Prank Santa's Ghetto 04 2005 Dove of Peace Flying Balloon Girl Hitchhikers Anywhere Secured Snorting Copper Soldiers Painting CND Sign Think Tank CND Soldiers Grim Reaper Jack & Jill Kate Moss British Museum Prank Crude Oils New York Museums Prank Santa's Ghetto 05 The Segregation Wall 2006 Gangsta Rat Old Skool Old Woman Sweep it Under the Carpet Well, Hung Lover Applause Festival Flags Grannies Barely Legal Guantanamo Bay Detainee Santa's Ghetto 06 2007 Cash Machine Girl Fallen Angel Girl with Skipping Rope Gun Clown Looting Soldiers Policeman Searching Space Girl with Bird Stop and Search Yellow Lines Flower Painter Morons Trolleys GlastonBury Santa's Ghetto 07 Wall and Piece 2008 Abraham Lincoln Bubble Slide Girl Cave Painting Removal Gas Mask Wearing Musicians Girl and Mouse Shave Kong I Love You Injured Buddha No Ball Games Rat One Nation Under CCTV Umbrella Girl Very Little Helps Zebra Stripes NOLA New Orleans The Cans Festival Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill 2009 Don't Forget your Scarf Kentucky Fox Stormtroopers Filming Oscars Thug for Life Bunny Donuts No Ball Games Banksy VS Bristol 2010 Cameraman and Flower Forgive Our Trespassing Gorilla With Pink Mask Interest in People Modern Art No Future No Trespassing Police Sniper Security Guard with Pink Balloon Swing Girl Tesco Sandcastle Choose Your Weapon Exit Through The Gift Shop Marks And Stencils The Simpsons 2011 All Seeing Ostrich Baby Carriage Child Soldier Cut It Out Follow your Dreams - Canceled Sorry, The Lifestyle you Ordered Stained Window Take this Society Tap Phoned Tox Toxic Rat MOCA 2012 Fridge Kite Javelin Thrower London Calling Slave Labour Winnie the Pooh Bear Trap Copyright 2013 Bronx Zoo Fake Plato Quote Ghetto for Life Graffiti Is A Crime Hammer Boy Waiting in Vain Better Out Than In 2014 Drunk Angel Love is the Answer Mobile Phone Lovers One Original Thought Dumbo 2015 Crying Woman Gaza Kitty The Son Of A Migrant From Syria Watchtower Swing Dismaland 2016 Burning Tyre 2017 Civilian Drone Strike The Walled Off Hotel 2018 Blinded Napoleon Box Cutter Rat Chisel the Flag Draw The Raised Bridge Go Flock Yourself Rat Couple Seal Mural Season's Greetings
Banksy Unofficial Timeline Banksy Unofficial 1995 - 1998 Early Bristol Freehand 1995 - 2000 Early Stencils In Bristol 1998 August 22nd & 23rd: Walls On Fire in Bristol Early Exhibition In Easton in Bristol 2000 February 2000: Severnshed in Bristol 2000 - 2001 Early London Street Art 2001 Chiapas, Mexico May 31st: Rivington Street in London November: Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall 2000 - 2003 Early Street Art Abroad 2002 March: Peace Is Tough in Glasgow May: Existencilism (book) July: Existencilism (exhibit) December: Santa's Ghetto '02 in London 2003 Semipermanent in Sidney, Australia Early Banksy Originals May: Anti-War Demonstration in London 2002 - 2003 Street Art In UK July: Paints Live Animals in Somerset July: Turf War in London October: Prank At Tate Britain in London December: Santa's Ghetto '03 in London 2004 Street Art Focus On UK April: Prank At The Natural History Museum in London October: Prank At The Louvre in Paris December: Cut It Out December: Santa's Ghetto '04 in London 2005 March: Pranks At Four New York Museums in New York May: Prank At British Museum in London August: The Segregation Wall in Palestine October: Crude Oils in London Street Art December: Santa's Ghetto '05 in London 2006 Street Art UK September: Installation At Disneyland Street Art Abroad September: Barely Legal in US 2007 June: Glastonbury October: Sotheby's Evening Sale Street Art In UK December: Santa's Ghetto '07 in Palestine 2008 May: The Cans Festival in London August: New Orleans Street Art in UK Street Art Abroad October: Village Pet Store And Charcoal Grill in New York 2009 Street Art in UK Street Art Abroad June: Banksy VS Bristol Museum 2010 January: "Exit Through The Gift Shop" at Sundance Film Festival Spring: Street Art Tour Of The US Street Art in UK October: The Simpsons November: Marks And Stencils in London 2002 - 2010 Banksy Prints 2011 February: Street Art Following The Oscars in LA April: MOCA in LA Street Art in UK October: Occupy London 2012 July: London Olympics Street Art in UK 2013 October: Better Out Than In in New York 2014 Only Street Art in UK 2015 February: The Gaza Strip August: Dismaland December: Calais in France 2016 Street Art in UK 2017 March: The Walled Off Hotel in Palestine March: New Banksy Originals on Instagram May 7th: Brexit Mural in Dover, UK May 23rd: Donald Trump (Almost) Visits The Walled Off Hotel June 6th: Print Release Cancelled June 10th: Post-Election Oil September 7th: Gift Shop Opened at The Walled Off Hotel September 11th: Art The Arms Fair September 17th: Barbican Centre in London November 2nd: The Balfour Declaration in Palestine December 3rd: The Alternativity at The Walled Off Hotel December 3rd: Street Art in Palestine December 16th: Financial Times Interview 2018 January 26th: Draw The Raised Bridge in Hull, England March 14th: Clock Rat in New York March 15th: Zehra Dogan in New York March 19th: Capitalism in New York March 21st: Seal in Brooklyn, New York March 22nd: You Loot We Shoot in Brooklyn, New York June 11th: Roayal Academy Of Arts June: Stencils in Paris July 7th: Fragile Flag August 10th: Street Sign in Clevendon, Somerset October 5th: Shredding at Sotheby's November 6th & 7th: The World Travel Fair in London November 22nd: Dick Pic in Unknown Location Decemeber 19th: Season's Greetings in Port Talbot, Wales 2019 New Piece at The Walled Off Hotel
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